Mexico City - Mexico

Breaking the rules of the genre, rigid in Mexican culture, emerges a phenomenon that alters the traditions of identity and the sex business. The TTT (Transsexual, Transgender and Transvestite) community edged by discrimination, intolerance and lack of work opportunities has had to build a space in the game of identities, serving a new clientele that demands different kinds of pleasure. Although the Law which allows modifying the identity on the birth certificate was approved in Mexico since 2008, the process is subject to certain social classes due to high costs of the expert certification. Without birth certificates and without access to any official document that endorses them as women and as Mexican citizens, members of this community have become undocumented in their own country, without rights and unable to leave it. Aimed mostly at sex work.

Daisy is the youngest of 6 siblings, was orphaned at the age of three and despite the effort of her grandmother to raise and educate her, she was expelled from all schools for being gay. At age 16 she began to prostitute and today she has lived 34 years of that. If things go well she earns 350 pesos ($20 USD) a week because of the competition. She dreams of being a cook and set up a soup kitchen but despite her dreams, the lack of emotional and financial support keeps her in the same circle.