I am just a guy who is in love with photography, who knows how rewarding it is to bare the soul and tell stories through beautiful and lyrical images. who understands the power that photography has to influence the world and who feels complete when seeing his own being reinterpreted in someone else’s story. I fell in love intimacy of showing who I am and express myself with a cause.

As a photographer focused on positive change, I endeavor to use my camera as a tool for self-observation; to achieve my personal and human growth while trying to raise awareness of issues that communities face in a way that encourages action. With the ultimate goal of creating projects and ally myself with partners that lead to social progress.

This brief but intense journey I have walked in photography has been lucky enough to cross paths with great human beings and photographers who have inspired me to spread my wings and live my dreams, to be faithful to myself and stay focused on my purpose. That immediate purpose is to understand myself by generating conversation about other people struggle. 





JASON ESKENAZI Documentary Photographer.

ERNESTO BAZAN - Documentary Photographer.


FULVIO BUGANI Documentary Photographer.

ANDREA BRUCE (NOOR Agency) - Documentary Photographer.


ERNESTO BAZAN - Documentary Photographer.

JOHN STANMEYER (VII Agency) - Photojournalist.  


MAGGIE STEBER - Documentary Photographer.  

ALEX WEBB (MAGNUM Agency) - Documentary Photographer

REBECCA NORRIS WEBB Poet & Photographer.

KIRSTEN LUCE - Photojournalist.   

VICTOR J. BLUE - Photojournalist.